Ways you can improve your advertising signs game

advertising signs

When you think about the most popular types and usage cases of signage, advertising signs are right up at the top. It is a sure-fire way of engaging with your target audience and improving the branding goals of your business.

Has physical sign advertising lost its importance?

As many businesses opt for digital displays, there continues to be a pushback from various organisations to stick with striking, physical signage solutions instead. Without going into too much of a comparison, there are valid pros of cons to both. However, we are predominantly looking at physical signage in this blog. Advertising signs are still an important part of promoting a business.

How to improve the visibility of advertising signs?

People only really ignore signs that have cluttered designs or weak messages. Difficult readability or unprofessional-looking signage compound the issue. It’s important to focus heavily on key visual factors of the signage. These are:

  • Removing glare or overly shiny finishes from the advertising sign. It hampers readability and visibility.
  • Opt for clear, accessible font sizes and styles. The sign needs to be readable by as many people as possible, from a range of distances.
  • Increasing the contrast of the textual components of your sign so that it does not get merged with other objects in the background.
  • The mounting positions for the signs is also an important factor to consider, so as not to obscure key aspects of the sign. Professional installation is very much your friend, here

These are some important factors in improving the visibility of advertising signs.

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