Illuminated Building Signage – How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Building Signage

Illuminated building signage is commonly visible everywhere, from city streets to rural areas. Until a few years back, neon signs were a more popular option compared to illuminated building signs. However, the advent of the concepts of LED and LCD lighting has created a new way of advertising illuminated building signage.

Unlike neon sign boards, if you advertise your company or products through illuminated building signage, you can expect better exposure and customer visibility. They are effective in drawing attention to your business, and tend to be clearly visible and legible from a greater distance. However, in terms of price, neon sign boards may be more affordable.

Many business owners face a dilemma in whether to choose between neon signage, or illuminated building signage. If you are among them, the following blog may shed some light on the situation (pun intended).

Benefits of using illuminated building signage as a form of advertisement

High Visibility

With the help of LED and LCD lights, the illuminated building signage can ensure quick visibility from a distance. This is a creative way of announcing the presence of a business, especially if you are considering high-quality outdoor light options. Like neon lights, using this signage option will also help you advertise your business during night time. The downside of neon lighting is that it is not particularly visible from a distance and simply looks like a colourful blur.

Helps with Brand Recognition

Illuminated signage helps increase brand recognition by day and night. Since the signs are attractive, people will start noticing your brand easily and identify the business without you provoking them expressly to do so. Hence if you are planning to attract customers to your store, illuminated signage is the best option.

Accessible Maintenance

Illuminated building signs are built with LED lights in the background; hence, they last a long time. Unlike neon lights, LED and LCD lights are equipped with weather-resistant materials, though it may require regular maintenance subject to how and where it is installed. Generally it is little more than replacing bulbs or batteries, however illuminated lights on roofs may require bird proofing.

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