construction site hoarding

Design, print and installation of construction site hoarding

Construction site hoarding

Design, print and installation of site hoarding for construction sites

We design, print and install high-impact site hoarding panels for property and construction companies throughout the UK – all from our in-house factory in Hampshire. Building site hoarding is vital to keep both construction site workers and members of the public safe, but it’s not just a dull requirement; it’s also one of the most cost-effective advertising spaces for your new housing development and vital to drive marketing suite visits and enquiries.


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Our site hoarding panels:

  • Hide building sites and protect the public
  • Sell the future vision of the development
  • Drive marketing suite visitors
  • Incorporate stand-out elements like built-up lettering, light boxes or halo-illuminated letters
  • Maintain your brand with anti-graffiti coating to keep hoarding pristine
  • Communicate and engage the local community from the outset
  • Signpost milestones, such as plots reserved or apartments sold
  • Get you noticed!

Health and safety

A key aspect of our work is our approach to health and safety and we take this very seriously. To demonstrate our commitment, we employ a specialist health and safety consultant and undertake accreditation and regular training relevant to our industry for your peace of mind.

Different types of site hoarding

  • Development hoarding
  • Construction site hoarding
  • To Let building hoarding
  • Short-term promotional hoarding
  • Football club advertising hoarding
  • Retail hoarding
  • Event hoarding

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction site hoarding panel materials

For our perimeter advertising hoardings, we use a material called ACM (Aluminium Composite Material), also commonly known by the brand Dibond, secured onto plywood. It’s made from two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core (polyethylene or foam). Printed ACM can be applied straight onto hoardings. It’s a superb material for hoarding because it flexes and is very durable, offers sound reduction and is fireproof. The overall affect is a streamlined, contemporary look and feel.

This material comes with different effects (such as gloss or pearlescent) and can be added to plywood hoarding, to make it more rigid and is popular for luxury building developments.

Construction site hoarding

Site or construction hoarding is much more than temporary fencing that shields a construction site from view and prevents intruders. It’s a highly cost-effective advertising space to showcase your development and attract sales.

Each panel is 1220mm x 2440mm. We can also add extra height at high traffic points for maximum impact.

It is approximately three years, although we can update and refresh the hoarding at any point during your build.

A 48-sheet advertising billboard is likely to cost over £1,000 for a month’s advertising spot. Whereas, the equivalent hoarding in square metres will cost around half that price. If the hoarding is in place 12 months or more, the comparable savings could be more than £10,000.

We recommend ply hoarding panels with digitally printed ACM.

All hoardings are made using weather-proof materials and coated with anti-graffiti seals to make them last longer.

This will very much depend on the size of the hoarding project, but we can usually print and install 20m of hoarding panels in a single location in just 72 hours.

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 stipulates that all employers and self-employed must take reasonably practical steps to ensure the health and safety of the public. This implies the need for hoarding or fencing around the perimeter of construction sites.

Yes – lighting is a superb way of making the most of the best vantage points and highlighting messages. LEDs are available in many variations and can be used with timers in sensitive residential areas, also making it more cost-effective. They can include lightboxes, strip lighting and halo-illuminated. Site hoarding lighting needs to be 110v. 

Yes, you can subject to planning permission, which we can handle on your behalf.


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