What are the Different Types of Graphics and Materials for Hoarding Designs?

Hoarding Design

Site and construction hoardings aren’t a common item that are often noticed when you walk down the street. Hoardings aren’t put up for visual aesthetics; rather, they are informational and speak about the product or service of the business. Hoarding designs can be creative as hoarding is a blank canvas with exciting design opportunities. There are different types of hoardings that you can count on. The choice of hoardings used on a particular project depends on the type of information that you want to cater to the audience.

Read on to learn more about the different types of hoardings and the materials used.

What are The Different Types of Hoarding Materials?


Concrete hoardings are easy to install and dismantle; hence, many business owners prefer them. They are durable, robust and long-lasting. Construction companies mostly use these hoardings to put up advertisements and promotional content. These hoardings are commonly seen in and around different construction sites.


Steel hoardings are notable for their easy installation process and usability. Moreover, like timber hoardings, they are reusable and are mainly found at construction and demolition sites. They are weather resistant and can be put up at vast heights as they are sturdy  even under strong wind conditions.


Wooden or timber hoardings are a more sustainable option. Once discarded, these hoardings can be sustainably stored and reused for other purposes. It is also a durable, secure option for promoting the business and its services. You can use different colour options and logos of your business to promote through timber hoarding.

Special attention must be paid to the graphics that are included in the hoardings. Informational yet engaging content is the key to good hoarding designs. You’ll find various design options like construction hoarding, retail hoardings and event hoarding options.

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