How to make your hoarding sign board stand out?

hoarding sign board

If you are wondering how to make your hoarding sign board stand out in splendour, you are not alone. A number of people often ask us this very question.

Hoarding is a temporary fence, and it is usually made of boards and positioned around an area where people are building.

Hoardings have long provided an extremely cost-effective yet sturdy solution for covering unsightly building works while at the same time maximising the space to advertise a certain general excitement such as local attractions or any other projects. It can also enhance public safety and showcase a brand, as well as its style and quality. As one of the leading providers of hoarding sign boards, we’re sharing how you can make your hoarding graphics stand out.

How can you make your hoarding graphics stand out?

There are a number of ways to make your hoarding graphics stand out. With the right kind of hoarding signage, you can not only cover the construction work or keep a project under wrap until you can reveal it, but if you use them smartly, these construction site graphics could be an extremely effective means for advertising and branding. 

Backlit hoarding

This is specifically important for your hoarding boards if you want them to be highly visible from a certain way off at night, specifically if your project is happening in autumn or winter or when there is a road nearby which is used heavily in the evenings. You can backlight your hoardings by lighting up letters, shapes, patterns and other branded graphics via LED panels and hidden lightboxes to make a considerable impact.

Textured hoarding

You can use different textures in your construction site graphics. You can achieve that with artificial grass on some of your hoarding boards to geometrical shapes and designs. It is also a good idea to use some built-up lettering for this purpose.

3D hoarding

Site hoardings do not have to just be one-dimensional. There is neither any necessity nor requirement for it. Instead you can use digitally cut lettering or shapes made from acrylic to hoarding boards, or you can add depth and dimension to your construction site graphics for maximum effect and impact. You can also have a 3D trim around your signage. 

Digital hoarding

Construction site hoarding does not need to be flat and static. You can put digital screens with text and imagery into the hoarding signage, meaning you can create an attention-grabbing display by putting them over some of your hoarding sign board. 

Are you looking for innovative ways to make your hoarding signage stand out? Reade Signs can help you out with our expert solutions and innovative approaches. Contact us today to find out more. 


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