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Whether you have your eye on timber, metal, plastic, ACM, vinyl or laminate, Reade Signs can deliver to your exact specifications. We also consult on the most appropriate materials to bring architectural designs to life.

We thrive on the challenge of manufacturing signage and displays in a variety of materials. Our skilled in-house staff, in combination with our up-to-date machinery and technology, can construct signs that match perfectly your requirements and the specific features of any location.


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Everything from fabrication, manufacture, finish (polishing and painting), to spraying, welding, individual letters and structures.

At Reade Signs, we’re set up to work with a wide range of metals and can create whatever size or shape you require. If you need it, our full fabrication and welding facilities can build it: large structures, canopies, monolith signs, entrance signs to retail parks, fascias and even individual letters. We’ll also add a powder coating or sprayed finish.

Whatever shape or size of metal sign we produce, you can be certain that it will have the strength and longevity necessary to fulfil its function.



Timber has long been a traditional signage component and is still used in country park signs or to convey a more rural and rustic look.

Reade Signs has the skills and machinery to manufacture timber signage that meets all the demands of your location and purpose. We’ll design timber structures, too, and all our work can be stained or painted, shaped, or hand-tooled.



Printing your hoardings or interiors gives you the flexibility to change the colours and designs to match seasons or special promotions quickly and easily.

At Reade Signs, we specialise in printing weather-proof hoardings that can be executed in your corporate style or designed to match perfectly the brand look and feel of your development. And, to ensure your hoardings last, we also apply a special anti-graffiti seal.

We regularly invest in state-of-the-art printing facilities and our EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro printer is one of only six in the UK. It uses powerful LED technology to meet growing demands for higher quality and quick turnaround, as well as higher resolution and multilayer printing. This allows us to further increase the quality of our production and be more competitive.



Our in-house hi-tech machinery lets us perform all our own cutting, no matter the material. So, when you need your sign to stand out that little bit extra – in 3D, for instance – Reade Signs can oblige.

Some of the materials that pass through our routing shop on a regular basis include aluminium, brass, plastics, laminates, and wood. Even polystyrene or stainless steel presents no problem for our staff and equipment.


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