Bitton Mill: Transforming a tired old portable office into a fresh, new marketing suite

How do you clean up a tired old cabin and make it into somewhere you can sell properties to customers?

That’s the challenge Reade Signs was set by a housing developer near Bristol.

How do you clean up a tired old cabin and make it into somewhere you can sell properties to customers?

The objective

Bitton Mill is a development of two, three and four bedroom homes by Linden Homes. For the site’s sales arena, the developers wanted to re-use a marketing suite and they wanted us to re-brand it with suitable sales signage.

development of two, three and four bedroom homes by Linden Homes

The challenges

The problem was the cabin had been in storage for some time and was in a very poor state. There were existing graphics and a damaged fascia on the outside and that had all seen better days and its interior needed a major makeover too.

On top of that, the site was also going to be a challenge, with restricted access and a very confined workspace.

To get the job done, we would have to work around other trades in an area that was also the only access to the site for the large construction vehicles we regularly found queuing up through our work area.

It was obvious from the start that we were going to have to be very flexible in our approach to this job if we were to achieve the desired finish on time and in a cost-effective way.

house developer marketing suites

Our solution

Working with the client, we identified the best locations for the sales signage and decided on a complete refurbishment of the exterior, including a new fascia.

We carried out a detailed survey which quickly identified that we’d need to dress the entire cabin exterior and replace the fascia while we could still gain safe access.

We wanted to get the majority of the exterior signage in before the landscapers arrived, but even this plan was fraught with problems; we had to work around drainage works in front of the cabin and the delivery of a generator blocked our access to one side of the cabin for a while.

house developer marketing suites

Despite several other delays that were out of our control, we stripped off the old signage and fascia, measured up and designed a whole new look to the exterior, following Linden’s branding guidelines.

We then decorated the interior, again in the approved Linden style and the external signage installed.

house developer marketing suites

One more challenge

As a result of the various delays and access problems slowing us down, we faced one last problem: we had to install the external signage after the landscapers had already laid the garden, which was to be a distinctive feature for this sales area.

house developer marketing suites

o our team had to “tiptoe through the tulips” to ensure damaged limitation during installation. Working with the other trades on site, we made sure this was all done while sticking to our health and safety standards.

Cooperation, communication and flexibility: the key to a successful delivery

On projects like this it’s vital to build good working relationships, not only with the client but with other trades on site. We had to time our production and installation very carefully and stay flexible so that when the unexpected happens we were able to cope.

The whole Reade team made the launch of our new development the smootest we have ever had. They reacted immediately to any technical issues on the site and always had solutions. The results are stunning and I can’t wait for the next launch!

Sarah Hembrow, Marketing Manager, Linden Homes Western

house developer marketing suites

Reade Signs showed yet again that they are experts in this field and the results speak for themselves. If you’d like to find out how we can help you by designing and installing effective marketing signage in the most challenging conditions, then please contact us or ring 01252 336000.

We’ll also be exhibiting at London Build, at Olympia on 25-26th October 2017. We’re in the Interiors Zone on stand N30 at London’s leading construction exhibition.


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