How to create engaging signage?

Engaging Signage

One of the key ways of capturing your customer’s attention is through engaging signage. It is a tried and tested method of marketing or advertising a product. You can describe your brand story and convey the message through quality graphics.

The importance of signage design

In marketing, signage is one of the most common methods of brand promotion. Signage clearly communicates with your customers and does so much to establish brand recognition.

Steps to create engaging signage for your brand

To ensure you are provided with a signage solution that exceeds your expectations, you need to utilise a trusted supplier with in-house graphic design resource. Here’s some more considerations:

  • Tailor the graphics: You should tailor the signage to ensure the visuals match up to what would be considered most effective for the target audience. Understand their values, beliefs, and expectations of your business and customise the visual aspects of the signs accordingly. 
  • Don’t be shy of variety: When it comes to the graphical representation of your brand, go creative. Using the same kind of layouts and monotonous designs makes the graphics dull. You can try a variety of designs like illustrations, infographics and even 3D effects to woo your target audience.
  • Let engagement be your priority: No matter what you design, you should have engagement in your mind, as a brand. Ensure that your agency creates signage that has the capability of reaching the highest number of customers.
  • Be consistent in design: While incorporating a graphical element in your marketing campaign, you should always be consistent with the design. It should contain all the elements that speak about your brand. The graphics should reflect the brand identity, with proper usage of the regular fonts, brand colour and layout.

All things considered, by following these simple points, you should be on the path to success with your signage. For quality assistance with bespoke signage design, contact Reade Signs. We are one of the leading design and creative signage agencies offering optimum graphic services to a wide range of clients. For more information about our business, explore our website.


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